United Way Lunenburg County - Improving Lives Locally

United Way of Lunenburg County, Thank You!

The Flourish Centre would like to thank the United Way of Lunenburg County for funding received to go towards our Food Security Program as well as our Fall Prevention Program, both starting this April. Both program are integral within our community to keep healthy and safe. The number of people 55+ that injure themselves annually through falling is staggering, many times resulting in surgery or death. This program will help through exercise classes to tighten core muscles and work on balance, which will prevent falls from happening. The Food Security Program will aid those in the community that can not afford to purchase enough food to last the month, these folks are feeling the pinch of all the heightened food prices. the program meets once a week, three times out of that month we cook food together which we will then seal and divide amongst the participants to take home, providing crucial food and proper nutrition. Thank you United Way of Lunenburg County for recognizing the need and providing support to both of these programs, we truly appreciate all that you do to help.